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Constructing A Fence To Keep Coyotes Out Of Your Commercial Property

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As you drive and walk near dawn or dusk, it isn't uncommon to catch a glimpse of a pack of coyotes moving through the underbrush. These small canine predators may look like dogs, but they are clever and opportunistic scavengers who won't hesitate to attack small animals, dig through garbage and destroy property in the name of an easy meal. For commercial properties, a resident coyote pack poses a real threat to clients and employees alike, and they can become bolder and bolder as they acclimate to humans. In cases where removing a problem pack is not feasible, building a specialized fence can help protect your property from these tenacious pests. 

Choosing the Right Height

Despite their relatively small size, coyotes are impressive athletes that can leap clean over the head of a man when pressed. As such, your fence should be at least 6 feet high, though you could potentially go as low as 5 feet with other security measures in place. Generally speaking, fence height alone will not be enough to stop a determined coyote, since they are also decent diggers and climbers. A tall fence may, however, act as a visual deterrent to make the coyote think twice about the effort needed to get over it.  

Installing a Wire Apron 

Coyotes are even better at digging than they are at leaping, which is why your fence cannot simply stop at the ground. During installation, ask your commercial fencing company to dig a ditch around the base of the fence and incorporate a wire apron along the bottom. This apron is buried underground so that it curls outward, blocking any attempts to dig underneath it from the outside. This step is a crucial one, as most coyotes can easily dig beneath a fence within a few hours and then have their own personal highway for future use, encouraging future trespassing on their part. 

Preventing Climbing

Even if a coyote cannot leap over or dig beneath a fence, it may still attempt to clamber over it to get at a particularly tasty meal. For commercial properties, this poses a problem, since traditional barriers like barbed wire or wire mesh overhangs can be unappealing and make your business look more like a prison or a war zone. Recently, however, a fencing addition known as coyote rollers have found increasing popularity. These rotating bars are affixed to the top of the fence, where they provide no traction for climbing coyotes and instead send them spinning back down. Better yet, these bars are relatively unobtrusive, preserving the aesthetics of your property. With the right fence and enough vigilance, you can keep coyotes out of your property and protect any people or animals inside it. Contact a commercial fencing company for more information.