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Want To Keep Other Cats From Getting In Your Backyard? Install The Right Kind Of Fence

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Cats are lovely creatures that you may adore having as a pet or when visiting a friend, but it may not be so pleasant to see them when they are causing damage to your backyard. Stray cats or cats that are allowed outdoors could find their way into your yard and urinate, causing damage to tree roots. Cats can also go to the bathroom and leave a mess for you to clean up at a later time. They may also eat your plants, scratch up your trees, or spray on the side of your house if you have indoor cats. The best way to prevent them from getting into your yard is by installing the right kind of fence.

Install PVC or Vinyl

Any fence type is not going to do the trick. You should opt for PVC or vinyl as these materials are not only solid, but they are smoother than wood, which cats can use to dig their claws into when climbing. Another quality of these materials is that they are easily made solid to keep cats from squeezing through. PVC is inexpensive, so it is perfect for anyone on a tight budget that still wants protection. But, vinyl has an incredible amount of resistance, so it is an ideal option for when you are living in your forever home.

Consider Height

Even with a solid fence, a few feet of material is not going to stop a cat from getting into your yard. It is important to get the maximum height that you can for your backyard. Most residential areas cap you at six feet, so this is most likely what you will be looking at to get for the fence's installation. Without these limitations, you are free to go higher, but six feet with the appropriate additions should be enough.

Install Coyote Rollers

Wild animals can cause all sorts of problems for homeowners, so a lot of preventive measures have been developed that you can also use to stop other animals in their tracks. Coyote rollers are not just effective at keeping coyotes out, they can keep any animals that are prone to jumping from succeeding. Once you add these rollers to a smooth fence, you should not have a problem keeping cats out of your yard.

If you have been dealing with a variety of cat-related issues on your property for a while, you should consider installing a fence with these ideas in mind to give yourself some relief. Contact a business, such as Alpine Fencing & Supplies, for more information.