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Live Next To A Multi-Story House With A Large Family? Maximize Privacy With A Fence And More

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Getting to know your neighbors is an excellent way to improve your living experience in any neighborhood. But, just because you are comfortable with them does not mean you want them being able to look into your home and see your family in your backyard at any given time. It is perfectly fine to build a fence on the sides and in the back to reduce how much your neighbors can see on your property. However, a multi-story home is tough to compete with considering how high the windows are. So, you need to pay attention to details that will help you maximize privacy when installing a fence.

Pick a Solid Material

If you go for an aluminum or wrought iron fence, it might make your property look great, but it is not going to provide you much in regard to privacy. A solid material is an absolute must if you expect to gain privacy from the neighbors. It will restrict their vision while they are on the first level and in the backyard, but you still have the second-story and higher to combat with to get complete privacy. The best materials for building a fence include wood, PVC, and vinyl as they can all be built solid from end to end.

Use the Max Height

A fence of several feet is not going to do much other than hide half of your body from neighbors. If you live in a neighborhood in the city or suburbs, you will likely have laws regarding fence height. You may not be able to build higher than six feet, so you should build it up to the 72 inches that you are allowed. Without these restrictions, you can go even higher to add a great deal of privacy to your property.

Add a Privacy Hedge

If you are among the homeowners who are able to build higher than six feet, you should consider adding a privacy hedge in addition to the fence's installation for privacy reasons. As soon as you install the wooden fence, you can determine how much higher you need to go to get the right level of privacy. A small shrub such as the Emerald Arborvitae may be plenty at 10 to 15 feet tall. Alternatively, you may want to go for the American Arborvitae, which is a tall, resilient, and easy tree to grow and maintain.

Using these methods will ensure you are able to make your home private from tall homes nearby. For more information, contact experts in fence installation.