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How to Protect Your Wood Fencing from Your Newly Adopted Puppy

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Adopting a new puppy often comes with a lot of talk about puppy-proofing your home since you don't want any preventable damages to occur. While you may have already prepared the inside of your home for the arrival of your new puppy, it's a good idea to focus on the landscaping as well. If you have wood fencing surrounding your property, it's smart to look into how you can protect the wood fencing from being damaged by your puppy when they are let outside.

Create a Hedge Barrier Between the Fence and the Yard

The first thing that you could do to add an extra layer of protection to your fencing is plant some hedges between the fence and the rest of the yard. What this will do is make it difficult for your puppy to reach the wood fencing, reducing the amount that they can scratch at the fence. The hedging can also be an effective way of reducing the chance that your puppy will be able to jump over the fence.

When choosing hedges to plant alongside the fencing, make sure to choose something that is low maintenance and thick enough that your puppy cannot simply crawl through it.

Keep Your Puppy Confined to Part of Your Yard

An easy way to prevent your puppy from damaging your wood fencing is simply to keep them away from it. This can be done either by using a long leash to tie down your puppy to a certain part of the yard or by opting for only a dog run instead. By confining your puppy to a small area, you can make sure that the wood fencing is not damaged by your puppy and that there is less of a chance of them escaping.

Monitor the Condition of the Wood to Prevent Extensive Damage

A common reason why wood fencing gets significantly damaged is due to owners' letting it deteriorate over time. This is often done on accident by forgetting to move the sprinklers away from the fencing and not repairing small cracks as soon as they appear. By keeping an eye on the condition of the wood fencing, you can make sure that any problems are taken care of right away and that your puppy won't do any major damage.

Understanding the most common reasons why wood fencing gets damaged can help you decide what you can do to keep the fencing in good shape. With the above tips, you can let your puppy outdoors without as much concern over the condition of your fencing.

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