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Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden With A DIY Wire Mesh Fence

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Do rabbits keep eating your vegetables, flowers, or herbs? They might be cute, but these little pests sure can destroy a garden. One of the best ways to keep them out is with a fence. You don't need anything too fancy – plain wire mesh will do. Here's how to build a basic mesh rabbit fence around your garden.


  • A roll of 4-foot wire mesh
  • 5-foot metal stakes (one stake per three feet of your total fence length)
  • Plastic zip ties
  • A shovel
  • Wire cutters
  • A rubber mallet


Measuring and Digging

Start by using a measuring tape to measure off the perimeter of the area you want to fence in. Make this measurement in feet, and divide it by three to determine how many metal fence stakes you need to buy. Use this measurement to also determine how many feet of wire mesh you need to purchase.

Next, use a shovel to dig a trench around the perimeter of the area where your fence will be. This trench should be in the exact place you want the fence. You'll be burying the bottom foot of the fence so that the rabbits can't simply dig under the fence and get into the garden. Your trench should be 1 foot deep.

Installing Stakes

Star pounding your fence stakes into the bottom of the trench using the rubber mallet. You want 1 foot of the stake to be below the level of the trench so that after you bury the fence, there's 3 feet of each stake showing above ground. Space the stakes three feet apart along the entire trench.

Attach the Mesh

You may need an extra pair of hands to help you with this. Start unrolling the wire mesh along the fence posts. Use the zip ties to attach the mesh to the fence posts. Make sure the bottom of the mesh is flush against the bottom of the trench.  When you make it all of the way around, use the wire cutters to cut the mesh.

Fill In the Trench

Once your mesh is attached to all of the fence posts, start filling in your trench. Pack the soil down well. Three feet of the fence should be visible above the ground, while the bottom foot is buried. Rabbits don't really jump, so this fence is tall enough to keep them out and also prevent them from burrowing underneath.

If you feel you need help with this project, contact local professionals, such as Askatu Construction.