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Is Your Dog An Escape Artist And You Have A Chain Link Fence? Tips To Stop Them From Escaping

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If your dog seems to escape from your yard no matter what you do, this can be dangerous for them. It can also be a liability to you if your dog bites someone. Below are four things you can do with your fencing to keep your dog where it belongs.

Climbing Over Fence

If you have a chain link fence, your dog may be climbing up and over it. If so, you can add a horizontal barrier across the top of the fence. When installing, tilt the barrier inward at an angle to make it very difficult for your dog to climb over the fence. If you do not want to do this, consider installing a brand new, taller fence.

Digging Under the Fence

If your dog can dig under the fence, you can dig chicken wire into the ground around the perimeter of your fence. There are also electric fences that you can purchase that are generally very easy to install. Large rocks placed at the base of the fence also work well.

Using Fence Panels

If your dog is the type that wants to bolt when it sees another animal, cat, or even a person walking down the street, install fence panels to block their view. Vinyl fence panels are very easy to install and you can find vinyl in a variety of colors. For something easy, purchase some reed fencing and install it using zip ties on the inside of the chain link fence. It is very inexpensive and it looks nice. Bamboo can also be used, but it will be more expensive.

Using Landscaping

You can use landscaping in your yard that will not only keep your dog inside the fence but can also look beautiful. Plant some dense shrubs along the fence line, such as the boxwood shrub. Your dogs will not be able to get through the shrubs to get to the fence. You should still check the shrubs, just in case your dog tries to dig a tunnel through them.

There are also climbing rose bushes that will block part of the view, and if they ever get a thorn in their paws by trying to climb over them your dog will likely stay away. Some climbing rose bushes include the Hybrid Tea, Hybrid Musk, and Floribunda Grandiflora.

Besides using these two tips, consider signing your dogs up for some training classes to help them stay in your yard. 

Contact a local dog fencing company for more about this topic.