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Keeping The View: Pool Fence Ideas That Maximize Safety Without Blocking Scenery

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Most municipalities have strict regulations about how swimming pools need to be kept secure. Even in the areas where these laws are lax, a fence is important to prevent unwanted visitors and protect neighborhood children. The concern for homeowners is how to provide this security without damaging the natural beauty of the backyard. This is a genuine concern, since many homes in scenic areas are purchased primarily because of their view. Choosing the right fence not only will keep the yard lovely but will help to maintain the resale value as well. 

Choosing Only Slats

Slat fencing is an unusual option and one that usually requires professional installation. Careful spaced individual vertical posts create a shield around the pool but are not connected horizontally. This creates a unique and modern look that is adaptable to different types of decor. The slats are made from many types of fencing materials, although wood is used as a more affordable option, and metal is chosen because of its strength and durability. Each slat is installed into the earth or a wood or concrete base individually, so it is a time-consuming design and has to be done correctly to ensure all slats are level and secure. It will not leave the entire view open, but it eliminates horizontal posts. Local regulations determine the minimum distance between the slats. 

Installing Solid Panels

Panels made from glass, mesh and fiberglass are another option. Glass and fiberglass are the most transparent but are also the options that will require the most attention to keep clean. These panels are perfect for the least obstructed views. Polyester mesh panels are surprisingly strong and quick to install. They are also affordable. Many glass and fiberglass fences are now available as frame-less panels, so they are almost invisible. The posts for glass panels are available in vinyl, metal and wood. Most mesh panels have metal frames.   

Enhancing the View

Some homes may not look appropriate with modern designs like glass panels and slat only fences. For these homeowners, the best option may be cast iron. Traditional cast iron fences are elegant and lovely. The open picket design still allows people to see much of the view and the beauty of the fence will add to the scenery. An additional benefit is that cast iron is a very secure option. Quality cast iron is almost impossible for the average person to bend or break to gain access to the yard and the sharp pickets at the top discourage climbing. 

Pool fences do not always have to be strong enough to meet the standard of a maximum security prison. In rural areas, they are usually used only to keep out wildlife and many suburban homes use them to stop toddlers from straying into the pool. Property owners need to consider what level of protection is necessary and then work with contractors to find the aesthetically pleasing option that will help them to maintain the view they love. 

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