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Help Choosing Between Three Top Fencing Materials

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Are you tired of animals and the neighborhood kids traipsing through your yard? Are you thinking about installing a fence but aren't yet sure what kind to use? There are many different types of fences, each one with different properties that you may or may not find to be advantageous. To help you choose, here are some of the more popular fence options available, along with some reasons why you might want to use them.

Block fencing: A block wall fence is extremely strong and durable. It also offers a significant amount of privacy. Unfortunately, this is not a quick fence to install. If you want a fence installed within the next few days, you may want to look at different types of fences instead. The heavy weight of a block fence means that it may also be unsuitable if you have soft ground or a high water table. Things may initially be fine, but the ground can start to settle over the years, creating cracks and potentially causing sections of the wall to collapse.

Wood fencing: A wood fence can offer almost as much privacy as a block wall. However, since wood is thinner and more lightweight, it's unlikely to do as good a job at blocking out sounds. Depending on the length of fence that you want to install, a wood fence can be installed very quickly. You can often find wood fencing panels at your local hardware store, and these can make the installation process go even faster. Unfortunately, wood is subject to things like rot and termite damage. This means that your wood fence might not last very long before it needs to be replaced.

Chain-link fencing: By default, chain-link fencing doesn't offer much privacy. However, once the fence is installed, you can quickly add privacy slats that will allow you to have about as much privacy as you would have with a wooden fence. Chain-link fencing can be installed quite quickly. All that is needed is for the fence posts to be added, then for the chain link to be stretched between them. This makes an ideal fence for situations where you need a barrier installed as soon as possible. Unlike wood fences, chain-link fencing takes a long time to show any damage from water and isn't bothered at all by insects. This makes it an ideal fencing material for places where other fence types are unsuitable.