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Manage An Apartment Complex? Invest In New Fencing To Enhance Appeal

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Running an apartment complex is a huge responsibility because you must make sure the entire property always looks great. You will have residents moving in and out on a constant basis, which means you will not have any downtime when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. If you want to make improvements to the complex, you should consider fencing additions or replacements.

Basketball Court

Some apartment complexes have nothing more than a laundry room to accommodate their residents. But, yours may have a basketball court where people can play a game on their own or with the neighbors. Not having a fence may have made this an inexpensive addition, but you may want to provide better protection for pedestrians, apartment units, and the landscape nearby.

A chain-link or metal fence will allow people to see inside, but it will prevent basketballs from rolling or bouncing out of the paved area where they could hit someone walking by.

Tennis Court

While a basketball court can go without fencing, a tennis court needs one to prevent tennis balls from escaping the play area. But, the existing fence may be old and worn down. Also, if you want the fence to blend in more with the tennis court, you can get a green color-coated fence. It may also be an ideal time to get a taller fence to provide better blockage of tennis balls.


One of the most influential parts of your apartment complex is the perimeter fence. If there are any gaps in the fencing, you should consider filling them in with new installations. This will give you an opportunity to mesh with the existing fence or replace everything altogether.

Going for a metal fence is ideal because it will look great and provide better protection. This is because cast-iron or aluminum fencing is harder to cut through than a chain-link fence.

Pool Area

Another area that deserves your attention is the pool. You want to maximize safety and security with this amenity because a pool is dangerous to unsupervised children and pets. If you have any weaknesses in your fence, you should make sure fencing professionals resolve them. An example is having a pool fence with wide enough gaps that small children and pets can fit through.

When you work on these parts of the apartment complex that you manage, you should have no problem improving the safety, security, and overall appeal for existing and potential tenants. Talk to a company like Crown Fence Co for more details.