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4 Maintenance Tips For Newly-Installed PVC Fencing To Ensure Years Of Life

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PVC fence may be durable and affordable, but it is also going to need a minimal amount of care to ensure it lasts for years. To start, professional installation is essential to prevent wear and tear. You will also want to protect the fencing from damage caused by dirt and debris and do the occasional repair. Here are some tips that will help with maintenance to reduce wear of newly installed PVC fencing to ensure it lasts for years.

1. Proper Installation for More Durable Fencing

The first important step in ensuring your PVC fencing lasts is a proper installation. It is a good idea to have a professional install the materials to ensure the work is done correctly. In addition, you may want to consider improvements like larger concrete footings to support posts and other reinforcements to make the PVC materials less vulnerable to damage.

2. Improvements to Protect Fencing from Dirt and Staining

Dirt is a major cause of wear and damage to many different fencing materials, including PVC fencing. Therefore, you will want to protect PVC fencing from dirt and stains with improvements like the ground cover at the fence lines and good drainage design to keep runoff away from fencing materials. Avoid using organic materials for ground cover in these areas that decay and cause problems. Instead, use materials like gravel or synthetic hardscaping coverings. 

3. Routine Cleaning to Protect PVC Fencing from Wear  

Cleaning your PVC fencing is the best thing you can do to prevent wear and extend its life. Routinely spray off any dirt with a garden hose to prevent staining and decay of the PVC materials. In addition, you will occasionally want to clean the fence with PVC cleaning products that are designed to provide protection from environmental conditions like UV exposure and acid rain.

4. The Occasional Damage and Repairs That PVC Fencing Needs

Sometimes, even with the best maintenance routine, PVC fencing can get damaged and need to be repaired. When you have your new fence installed, talk to the contractor about ordering materials like posts, extra fence sections and hardware to do repairs to your fence if it becomes damaged or excessively worn in some areas.

These are some maintenance tips that will ensure your newly installed PVC fence lasts for years. If you need a new durable fence solution, contact a PVC fence service to help install an attractive fence that lasts. For more information, contact a company like Tyson Fence Co.