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The Aluminum Fence Guide To Give Your Property Attractive And Affordable Metal Fencing

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If you want to add an attractive new fence to your property, wrought iron can be a costly option. Therefore, you may be looking for more affordable alternatives when you have a new fence installed. Aluminum is great because it is durable, affordable, and attractive. Before you have a new aluminum fence installed, you want to know more about the available options. The following guide will help you choose the best options for your new metal fence:

Different Styles for Aluminum Fencing Systems

A big advantage of aluminum fencing materials is the many different styles that are available. Some of the different fence styles you may want to consider for your fence project include:

  • Flat top (with finished top rail)
  • Finials above top rails
  • Radius finial patterns (convex or concave finial patterns above the top rail)

The styles that are available can resemble classic metal fencing or have a more contemporary design.

Extra Features to Add to Aluminum Fencing

There are also extra features that can enhance the appearance and design of your fence. These can be features like ornamental fence sections and additional details. Some of the extra features that you may want to have added to your fence include:

  • Decorative ornamental patterns in fence sections
  • Finials with decorative forms above top rails
  • Custom metalwork designs for fence decorations

The extra features that you add to your aluminum fence will give it a more custom design. There are many options for the extra features, which are often aesthetic but can also be practical for privacy and security.  

Custom Designed Aluminum Metal Gates

The gates of your aluminum fence are also important features to consider. There are a lot of options to give your aluminum fence an attractive custom gate design. Some of the options to consider for the entrance gate of your new fence include:

  • Contemporary gates with vertical metal slats
  • Aluminum gates with custom arch designs
  • Polished aluminum gates with custom metalwork details

The gates can be a great way to add to the custom design of your new aluminum fence. These gates can also be an area where you may want to add personalized details to your new fence installation.

The aluminum fencing you have installed can be a durable and affordable alternative to traditional iron materials. If you are ready for aluminum fencing installation, contact a local aluminum fencing service and ask about your project's options.